How to Transfer Funds to Other Gaming Wallets

Red18 has been one of the most reliable online gaming platforms in Singapore and it aims to provide secure, reliable and excellent gaming experience to all of its members. You can play different games anytime you want! With Red18’s transfer function, members can easily transfer credit to different gaming platforms. You can play any Sportsbook, Live Casino and Slot Games without a hassle. Check our step by step guide below.

Easy Transfer to Any Red18 Game Providers

Step 1:

Login to your Red18 Account.

Step 2:

Go to the transfer page.

Step 3:

transfer funds

Select which wallet you want to transfer from.

Step 4:

Select which wallet you want to transfer the funds.

transfer funds

Step 5:

Put the desired amount you want to transfer and click Submit Button

transfer funds

You have completed transferring to your desired Game Wallet. You can now start playing your favorite game and win big prizes!

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