Football Streak Challenge Win up to $288

How it Works?

  1. Members must win at least three (3) consecutive games to be eligible for this promotion
  2. All registered Red18 members can join. Register Now!
  3. Member must bet at least a total of $200.
  4. Only live and early match (Match already started) betting is eligible for this promotion. A winning streak will only include bets that have been settled and produced a winning outcome. The winning streak will be nullified by Draw and Lose wagering outcomes.
  5. Half-win will not be counted in the winning streak.
  6. Only bets on handicap, over/under, and within half or full game will be taken into account when calculating winning streaks.
  7. Mix Parlays, Special Bets, and canceled games will not be tallied as winning rounds, but they will not have an impact on an already-existing winning streak.
  8. The winning streak will be nullified by early bet redemption (cash out) and betting on both teams in the same match.
  9. A winning streak is defined as a series of wagers on the same Handicap, Over/Under or Odd/Even with changing stake amounts. During the same match, bets on different Handicaps, Over/Under, and Odd/Even bet types will be added to the winning streak total.
  10. Bets on WBET, CMD368, and United Gaming providers at the same time in the same event will only be counted once. Only bets resulting in at least three (3) winning streaks in one (1) single provider will be applicable.
  11. Members must achieve the required turnover requirement to be eligible for this promotion.
  12. Contact our Customer Service on Livechat, Whatsapp, or Telegram to claim.
Win StreakBonusTurnover Requirement

Terms and Conditions

  1. Only one account per player is allowed. Players opening multiple or fraudulent accounts will not qualify for the promotion and may have their funds forfeited and accounts frozen.
  2. Red18 has the right to amend, cancel, refuse, or reclaim any promotion at its sole discretion.
  3. All decisions made by Red18 are final.

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