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Red18 offers you the best online casino experience on the Internet. Firstly, members can gamble from the comfort of their home and do not need to go to a live casino such as Marina Bay Sands or Resorts World Sentosa to gamble. Secondly, members do not need to pay the SGD 100 levy charged to people who go to these live casinos. Even better, Red18 gives all our members special bonuses and offers to play on our website!

Advantages of Playing in Live Casino

The convenience of playing right on your own home is the main advantage of an online casino. You can play casino games as if you are in a real and actual land-based casino place. Playing in Red18 live casino allows you to see an actual dealer right on your screen, dealing real cards happening in real time.

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No.1 Live Online Casino

Red18 offers one of the best online casino experience in Singapore. Our games are accessible on both desktop and mobile. Players can play them from home or while on the go. They do not need to go to a real live casino to play.







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Variety of Online Casino

Red18 has almost all the popular games that can be found in the Singapore Casinos. Our casino providers offer games like blackjack, sic bo, dragon tiger, baccarat and many more. Not all online casinos in Singapore offer such a wide variety of games and we are proud to say that Red18 combines all these games on 1 single trustable platform for the benefit of all members.




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How to Play Baccarat

Members can choose between a “Player” bet, “Banker” bet or a “tie”. Whichever side has the highest number of points will win the round, with 9 points being the maximum. It is a very popular game in Singapore. Playing baccarat online is better than playing at the casino because players can switch between different tables freely and also put multiple bets on different tables at a time, thus increasing the player’s win rate incredibly!




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Roulette Games

Roulette is also a very popular games in online casinos. The dealer will release a ball onto a spinning wheel with 37 numbers. The winning number will be the one which the ball lands on. For more information on how to play roulette online, members should search the Internet for “Roulette games free tips and strategies”.